Minutes of Stillness NGO offers mindfulness courses and evidence-based practices for coping with stress, anxiety, and tension. We organise workshops introducing the possibilities of mindfulness methodology and courses on skills essential for mental well-being.

A study by the University of Tartu on the impact of the Minutes of Stillness program shows that systematically used mindfulness exercises contribute to reducing stress and exhaustion among school-aged youth.

The National Institute for Health Development in Estonia has acknowledged Minutes of Stillness the fourth level of evidence for preventive action, recognizing the program’s effectiveness and readiness for use in Estonian educational institutions. 

If you are interested in more information about mindfulness courses or wish to support your team’s mental well-being please write to jana@vaikuseminutid.ee or call +372 56 800 752.

Minutes of Stillness offers currently mindflulness courses in English and Estonian

  • Mindfulness course – an 8-week course for developing personal peace of mind practice. Meeting topics include: awareness, relaxation, presence, thought patterns, emotions, relationships, draining and nourishing things/activities. 
  • Tailor made courses and workshops for businesses

Mindfulness courses in Estonian

  • Mindfulness courses for stress management and self-management skills for teachers 
  • Long- term wellbeing improvement program for educational institutions
  • Courses for medical professionals to prevent burn-out
  • Courses for parents to ground themselves and do playful exercises with children to improve focus, mood and relaxation.
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction MBSR course
  • Courses for youth, teenagers and high-school students to manage pressure in school and while making important life-choices. 
  • Video Courses for individuals to reduce stress
  • Free app and free practical mindfulness exercises the on website